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Monday, February 25, 2013

Luc Bat Sonnet

A Vietnamese Luc Bat Sonnet a (ab) b (bc) c (cd) d (de) e (ef) f (fg) g (ga) Luc Bat means six eight. The lines are alternating six and eight syllables. The sixth syllable of every line is a rhyme.  Every second (even numbered) line has two rhymes, on on the sixth syllable with the line before and one on the eighth syllable that rhymes with the line after.
 Example Poem

 Names at Work   (Luc Bat Sonnet)
 I worked with Harry Balls
 and sometimes took his calls in fact,
 and handled them with tact.
 'Twas not always exactly fun,
 but Shanda had begun
 to ask to see the one so named,
innuendos untamed.
 The girl was unashamed for sure.
 Oh yes, I took the lure.
 She broadcast such allure it seems
 she'd fostered many dreams.
 Her tight clothes stretched their seams I fear.
 Her name was Shanda Lear
 and she lit up our workplace stalls.

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